Brown Raysman — RIP

In the midst of all this dissolution hoopla, we would be remiss not to mention Brown Raysman, the once thriving New York start up that was swallowed up by soon-to-be former Thelen management in the latter’s last ditch effort to salvage their Titanic. So at least we know what Thelen was thinking. But what about Brown Raysman? No one ever placed them in the desperate category pre the ill-fated merger.

It seems that Brown Raysman’s fatal flaw was its own untempered ambition. Having ascended so fast up the ranks of New York Law, the managers of the new New York rising star saw an opportunity to enter onto the world stage via a rush to the alter with a more established player. Sadly, in its quest for even greater prominence, they forgot about the courtship, allowed themselves to be charmed by the bigger ship’s captain who had a well known reputation of always getting his way, and proceeded to sign their own death warrant.

In the aftermath of this fall, let us not forget about those junior associates who thought they were joining a brash New York up- and-comer before the merger. Perhaps these eminently talented young attorneys will take this as an opportunity to reevaluate their passions and tolerance for risk and pursue a different path which will yield them greater fulfillment in the long run than the more trodden one had in store for them even had things gone well.

We at Hanover Legal wish all of Thelen’s and Brown Raysman’s attorneys the very best of luck going forward and encourage them to call upon us if we can be of assistance to them in any way as they determine the next steps in their careers.