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Legal Market and Attorney Career Consulting

Hanover Legal is dedicated to continuous legal market analysis. We take great pride in having established a reputation for unparalleled market expertise and the ability to educate attorneys as well as the law firms, businesses and public interest groups with which they affiliate as to the market and to skillfully guide them throughout the market should they decide to explore options. We maintain a policy of providing lifelong career consulting services to all attorneys whom we have placed.

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Law Firm Placement

Hanover Legal places attorneys with top law firms in cities across the United States and abroad.  A new firm may substantially enhance an attorney’s professional development and may also significantly improve an attorney’s quality of life.

It is axiomatic that the best lateral moves to new law firms are orchestrated by the best consultants — those who truly understand the law firm market as well as the needs of their candidates.  At Hanover Legal, our consultants keep abreast of changes and developments in the law firm market and know the market in its constant fluctuations.

We are always prepared and eager to educate attorneys about the law firm market, and encourage attorneys interested in discussing the law firm market or learning about law firm opportunities to proceed to our Submit Resume section and supply the requested information.  One of our consultants will be back in touch with you promptly.

In-House Placement

Attorneys contemplating a transition from the traditional law firm setting commonly seek in-house opportunities, and businesses across a vast spectrum of industries consider attorneys in their efforts to fill both legal and non-legal positions.

Among the major considerations in transitioning from a law firm to an in-house position may be the attorney’s own long-term marketability.  The road from law firm to in-house practice is generally one way, since law firms are typically loathe to consider attorneys as viable lateral candidates unless they are coming directly from other law firms.  Thus the transition out of the law firm market to the in-house market is one which must be undertaken with the utmost of care.

Hanover Legal cultivates a growing database of in-house opportunities with businesses across the United States and abroad.  We are always happy to discuss the in-house market with attorneys and to offer our assessment as to the viability of any in-house possibilty.  If you are interested in learning more about our in-house placements services, please proceed to our Submit Resume section and supply the requested information.

Public Interest Placement

Public interest groups offer many exciting and rewarding practice opportunities to attorneys. A shortcoming of the attorney search industry over the years however has been its failure to remain current as to public interest placement opportunities and to provide attorneys with information about jobs and careers in the public interest sector. Accordingly, lawyers who may be eager to dedicate themselves to public interest practice may never do so simply because they are uninformed of the public interest options available to them.

Hanover Legal is the first and remains the only attorney search firm to offer its attorney recruitment services to public interest groups on a pro-bono basis. Our pro-bono policy is helping to bridge the gap between the commercial and public interest sectors in providing public interest groups with some of the bar’s most talented and dedicated practitioners.

If you are an attorney interested in learning more about public interest opportunities, please proceed to our Submit Resume section and supply the requested information. We are eager to help you transition to a public interest organization where you may be able to find a level of professional satisfaction unparalleled in any traditional commercial practice.

Temporary Placement

Law firms and businesses routinely seek attorneys to provide their services on a temporary basis. Temporary attorneys are hired to work on projects ranging in complexity from the simplest due diligence and document reviews to high level consulting on esoteric issues of law. Attorneys hired on a temporary basis range in experience from recent law school graduates who have never worked on a permanent basis to former partners at top law firms.

It is not uncommon for attorneys initially hired on a temporary basis to be eventually offered permanent employment at the firm or business for which they have performed temporary services. When the possibility of permanent employment is contemplated at the onset, attorneys are hired on a temporary-to-permanent basis, where the attorney is given an explicit assurance that after a certain period of time the attorney will be considered for permanent status.

If you are interested in exploring temporary attorney opportunitities, please proceed to our Submit Resume section and supply the requested information.

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